Business Insurance

Your business is a significant income-producing asset to you and your employees, a valuable provider to your customers, and a contributor to the economy. Whether you own a small shop with a few employees or a large multinational corporation, the continuation of your business is vitally important to many people. If it suddenly ceased to operate, the business you have worked so hard to build would be missed.

Business InsuranceLike life itself, a business is very fragile. Natural disasters, unprotected losses and devastating lawsuits are just a few of the potentially damaging risks you face as a business owner. Left unchecked, these risks pose a serious threat to the continuation of your business.

General liability coverage is the basis of virtually every business insurance policy. If your business operates from a specific premises, general liability coverage provides protection in the event that a customer or visitor were to be injured on that premises. General liability also follows you, your employees and your products off premises, providing coverage in case injury is caused or the property of others is damaged.

Various packages can be offered if your business also has need to cover property items, such as buildings, furnishings, computers, inventory, tools and equipment, or vehicles. Specific packages are tailored for farms.

Professional liability coverage, in addition to general liability, is encouraged if your business provides professional services or advice. This type of coverage is also known as Errors & Omissions or Malpractice insurance.

New areas of concern have arisen in recent years. To name just a few, if your business keeps customers’ personal information, you may need to consider Data Breach coverage. If you have worries over the possibility of a discrimination suit in the event that you were to wrongfully terminate an employee or fail to hire or promote a qualified individual, Employment Practices Liability Insurance should be part of your protection package. Pollution Liability may be a necessity for some types of businesses.

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