Off to College !!

Westfield Insurance – Wespak

It’s that time of year! Your children are going back to college and they have a lot of stuff to take.

If renting a U-Haul, take this into consideration:

  1. There is $2000 coverage under a Wespak for non-owned trailers.
  2. Most of the time, the trailers are valued higher than that limit and need to have the physical damage coverages purchased from the rental facility.
  3. Any drivable U-Haul vehicle will need to have coverage purchased because they are commercial vehicles not personal ones.
  4. A box truck is always rated commercially.

Winterize Your Home and Avoid Insurance Claims

Grange Insurance offers these tips to help you prepare your home for the cold months which may help you avoid unnecessary claims:

  • Avoid ice dams
  • Prevent water damage from bursting pipes
  • Keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of ice and snow
  • Inspect heating systems and alternative heating sources
  • Properly shut down a vacant home

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