Oh deer! It’s that time of year to be especially watchful.

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Most deer-vehicle crashes occur at dusk and dawn, October–December, during deer-breeding season.

Be prepared with collision avoidance tips and what to do if an incident does happen via Ohio Insurance Institute http://bit.ly/2cmwLX2

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Ohio statewide deer-vehicle collisions up nearly 7% in 2015; damages also up : Ohio Insurance Instiutue – Oii

September 19, 2016 (Columbus) Ohio drivers beware. Your risk of colliding with deer may be on the rise, according to officials at the Ohio Insurance Institute…


Off to College !!

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It’s that time of year! Your children are going back to college and they have a lot of stuff to take.

If renting a U-Haul, take this into consideration:

  1. There is $2000 coverage under a Wespak for non-owned trailers.
  2. Most of the time, the trailers are valued higher than that limit and need to have the physical damage coverages purchased from the rental facility.
  3. Any drivable U-Haul vehicle will need to have coverage purchased because they are commercial vehicles not personal ones.
  4. A box truck is always rated commercially.

Deer Collision Facts

Top 5 states for deer collisions:
West Virginia, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota, Pennsylvania

States where driver is least likely to strike a deer:
Florida, California, Nevada, Hawaii

Months in which deer collisions are most common:
November (18% of all incidents), October then December

Tips to avoid collisions:

  • Be aware of posted deer crossing signs
  • Note that deer are most active from 6-9 p.m.
  • Use high beam headlights at night
  • Avoid distractions like cell phones and eating