Policy change… don’t rely on someone else to make the call for you

Just last week a policyholder contacted our office after realizing that the car change he made back in July was not reflected on the November policy renewal he’d just received in the mail. At the time the trade was made, the salesman at the dealership told our policyholder that he would be calling our agency to trigger the policy change. The salesman never did…and it was a good catch on our policyholder’s part to have caught this!

There are two valuable lessons here. First, it is always a good idea to look through any policy renewal you receive to see if anything at all looks out of kilter. Second, never rely on a third party (a dealership, a bank, etc.) to order changes to your policy. If you’re acquiring a new car or refinancing your home, please notify us directly. Also, please know that anytime a request does come to us from a third party, we always contact the policyholder for confirmation. And whenever a policy change is made, your insurance company always sends you a confirming policy endorsement. If you don’t hear from us in short order and you don’t see the policy change in your mail within a few days, it’s a pretty good bet that we—and your insurance company—are unaware of the change you’ve made. Be on the safe side and always call us yourself! We are always happy to assist to make sure your insurance needs are taken care of.

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